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Jealously Over An Old Flame

Question My wife and I have been married five years and are recently separated. Since our separation, my wife re-established a friendship with a man she was once involved with romantically. My wife is very honest and claims it is only a friendship. I feel intimidated and jealous that this old friendship is sparking whileContinue reading “Jealously Over An Old Flame”

Pre-Marital Problems

Question My fiance and I are scheduled to be married next year. He is a good person, and I think he will be a wonderful husband but he is not sexually satisfying. I began having an affair a couple weeks ago with someone I work with and now I am really confused. Dr. Barbetta, whatContinue reading “Pre-Marital Problems”

Holiday Stress

Question Dr. Barbetta, with the holidays approaching, I find myself getting anxious at the thought of seeing relatives who have said or done things that have been hurtful to me in the past. How can I deal with those people and make the most of the holiday season? Answer The holidays can be a stressfulContinue reading “Holiday Stress”

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